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Children are addicted to pornographic site and video games. Their parents are addicted to money, oil and food as America has become one giant consumer. It seems we’re all addicts, author Dr.Beatrice F. Prather asserts in her new The Lost Connection which presents a guide to transitioning from this addictive lifestyle to a more sustainable one.

emsiandd.com describes and defines how addiction affects our brains and illustrates the process of disconnection from our families, friends and coworkers. The addictions counselor offers a blueprint for people to learn to Connect with a capital in order to live a more fulfilling and intimate life.

The guide examines addiction as something in and of itself, regardless of the drug of choice. It aims to help readers create change within themselves by offering instruction as to how our addictions have stalled and fractured our Connection to others. As the author conceptualizes, addiction is an umbrella concept that encompasses not only drugs or alcohol, but our behaviors related to sex, gambling, technology and anger.

“Through my personal journey as the Son of an alcoholic and as a counselor, I’ve realized that this needed to be shared on a universal scale Wherever we look, we can find a problem that relates to our addiction disabilities and disconnection to ourselves and the greater world. And we can also find an answer.”

“Addiction sexual activities Lost Connection provides the skills that will empower the individual to make great changes. This site intended for activists, teachers, politicians and parents—and for all of us who desire a stronger Connection to those we love.